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Does anyone really get sick from untreated cottage water?

Unfortunately some people do get sick, and the reason no one talks about it, is simply because they are embarrassed. Nobody wants to share those details, but they do, when we talk to family members about concerns they have over the unsafe water at their cottage.

How can I know the water is safe at my cottage?

If you turn on the tap at the cottage and some foul smelling, discoloured water flows out, you know you have a serious problem and you are NOT going to drink it. Rarely though is that the case and most cottage water looks ok. Tap water that runs visually clear, has no noticeable smell and may even have a decent taste is always the greatest risk because it may "LOOK OK" and still make you seriously ill. Having a water sample tested at a local lab is the only way to know for sure if the water is SAFE.

I'm handy and want to save $$$. Can I pick up a system and install it myself?

Absolutely.. Do it Yourself and SAVE $$$!!  Cash and Carry saves you both $300 off the system AND the $450 install fee.  Stop by and pick up, on your way through Barrie.. Our systems are EASY to Install, pre-built, in stock and ready to go!  Have a question during install? No problem,  we are always available to provide practical advice and handy install tips. Call Text or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

If I drink bottled water at the cottage is there still a risk?

Yes, because you are still having contact with untreated water in the shower, when cooking or brushing teeth etc. Keep in mind... (When bacteria levels are high at your local beach, the beach is closed to swimming) You don't have to drink untreated water to get sick.... you can get sick by just swimming in it. The other problem with reminding everyone at the cottage to drink only bottled water and be careful with the tap water is they will always FORGET and use it anyway.

If the cottage water has not been tested (or if it failed the test) is the health risk really that serious?

The water crisis in the Walkerton area a few years ago showed clearly how dangerous unsafe water can be. The city water treatment failed and the water ended up with dangerous levels of bacteria including e-coli. The result was numerous people became seriously ill and for a small number it was fatal. Untreated cottage water can also contain dangerous levels of bacteria such as e-coli as well as a wide range of virus and parasitic threats. It really is that serious!

Is it complicated and expensive to make our cottage water safe?

Not at all.... Over the many years of servicing cottage water systems we have seen it all; every kind of water system you can imagine and it became very obvious what works well and what doesn't. Time and again we talk to people who attempt to build their own cottage water system; investing much time and money and ending up very frustrated. If the end result is, the cottage water is still UNSAFE, all that effort and money has been wasted.

At 4EverGreen we build a Safe Water system that is simple reliable and easy to install & service. Our customers say it well, when they say they are very happy knowing the water is CLEAN & SAFE.

The 4EverGreen "Safe Water System" (below) is all about proven simplicity... dual over size filters, combined with UV purification backed with a safety solenoid valve means "SAFE" reliable water, every tap, all the time!

* pre-built, in stock and ready for immediate installation. only $2500.00 complete plus install from $450.00


What customer service area does 4EverGreen cover?

4EverGreen Water Systems is centrally located in Barrie, Ontario.,  We provide convenient, onsite water system service throughout cottage country. Many of our 4EverGreen customers are located in and around the Honey Harbour, Port Severn, area, where the business originated more than 25 years ago. In general, we can provide service anywhere within a 1.5 hour travel radius of Barrie.