Ultimate Cottage Intake Filter System

Unlimited Filtered Water, Stays in the Lake YEAR ROUND


An Ideal way to SIMPLIFY your cottage water system and make it more reliable. A one time upgrade.. install it and forget it.

Never needs service! No Bags or filters to change (pays for itself). Doubles as a pump stand and comes complete with steel frame.

Ideal for Jet Pump or Submersible Pump. Provides UNLIMITED filtered water. Stays in the lake YEAR ROUND.

These exceptional Intake Filter Systems, are unmatched on the market today. We have been building and installing the Ultimate Intake Filter System for more than 10 years and our customers are VERY happy with them!

*The Ultimate Intake Filter Systems are pre-built, in stock and ready for immediate installation

Upgrade your cottage water system! Complete with Steel Frame $1200.00  

Professional Installation from only $450.00   


  • " Want to thank you for the work you and your team did for us this past spring. A new submersible pump that works well beyond our expectations. As well a new Hot water heater, and sewage pump. We were impressed by how quick you got the work done, and the quality of the workmanship. "

    5 Stars
    Jim & Pat Tucker Portage Island

  • " Jim, you've designed an innovative water filter solution, which works exceptionally well. But the real plus from you and your team is your level of customer service. Big or small you are always right there at my cottage, faster than anyone should expect. Awesome! "

    5 Stars
    Laurent Mareschal

  • " We value Jim and his company as excellent service providers: providing honest, dependable service of high quaility. He commissions in the spring and winterizes our water systems in the autumn, every year. We had no water one Sunday afternoon, and as soon as we reported our situation to Jim, our water system was fixed a few hours later. "

    5 Stars
    Lillian Veri

  • " We are very happy with the water system that we use at our cottage that is maintained by 4EverGreen, Jim has been very helpfull with suggesting changes to help save us money and maintenance too! "

    5 Stars
    Minto Schneider

  • " No more water hauling. Jim's water system has worked flawlessly, is easy to maintain (just a lamp and filters) and is straight forward enough that we can shut it down in the fall ourselves. It's one of those improvements that afterwards has you asking yourself, what the heck were you thinking not doing it sooner. "

    5 Stars
    Geoff Barker

  • " Jim I was so impressed with the level of service you provided when we upgraded our filter system and intake support. Finally we have clean water coming in from the bay now that the intake is safely and securely off the bottom. Thanks again Jim! "

    5 Stars
    Ed Mead

  • " 4Evergreen gave us great service, installing an in-lake pumped drinking water supply. Jim and his team came exactly when they said they would and installed to plan, though being flexible enough to take account of slightly shallower water depth than anticipated. "

    5 Stars
    Bill Lane

  • " The pump you installed for us is working better than expected! We notice that the water is cleaner than it has been. The new pump location that you selected is easier to monitor. All in all we are very happy with the results. "

    5 Stars
    John Wypich