Cottage Water Purification

Safe, Reliable Water, EVERY TAP...ALL THE TIME!

Tired of lugging endless cases and jugs of bottled water to the cottage? Our systems are pre-built, in stock and ready for immediate installation! VIQUA UV purification WITH Safety solenoid. The 4EverGreen Safe Water System is Economical, Effective & Reliable.

  • Premium Quality / Commercial Grade Water System
  • Effective on Municipal & "UNTREATED WATER SOURCES"
  • Oversized 20 inch, Long Life / Dual Gradient Filters
  • Viqua UV / Ultraviolet Water Purification Systems
  • Protection Against viruses, Bacteria, Giardia & Cryptosporidium
  • Solenoid Valve / Maintains SAFE WATER during power outages
  • 24/7 Surge Protection

Order today and have SAFE tap water at your cottage NEXT WEEKEND! 
Complete System ONLY $2500 - Professional Installation from $450!

  • " 4EverGreen makes opening and closing of our cottage a dream. Great reliable and trustworthy service. A pleasure to deal with! "

    5 Stars
    Deanna Wittich

  • " I have used 4EverGreen for over five years and I have always found their products, their workmanship and customer service to be top notch. Their custom approach to every unique situation always results in a professional solution at a cost-effective price. And the whole team works hard, with courteous and friendly service. I highly recommend Jim and his team at 4EverGreen! "

    5 Stars
    Lorne Cameron Property Manager, Georgian Bay

  • " Jim, we were very pleased with the service you provided to our island. The water system that you installed has met all of our expectations and you did all that you committed. We would recommend your company to others particularly those who need service in unique locations. "

    5 Stars
    Robert Woodworth, Port Severn

  • " I had my 4EverGreen water system installed two years ago and we are very pleased the with quality of the water and the after sale service that we have received from Jim and his team. I would highly recommend! "

    5 Stars
    Dave Bloch

  • " I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the services you have provided to us over the years. The safe drinking water system has been a great benefit to our family of six. I cannot imagine lugging large containers of water out to our island property. You have also provided all service related to the water system in a timely and effective manner. Whenever we have a cottage related issue, whether it be water related, opening and closing of our cottage, or anything and everything else you have helped us with, we know that we can totally trust the services that you and your team provide. Our family looks forward to our continued relationship with your excellent business. "

    5 Stars
    Meredith Orlando

  • " Thanks to Jim and 4EverGreen, we have a reliable, redundant water system that delivers 'perfect' drinking water at any time. He is there whenever we need him whether it's to replace a water line fried by lightning, change filters or whatever else may need doing to keep the water flowing. He has been a great source of practical advice and is really good guy to deal with.Thanks Jim. "

    5 Stars
    Jonathan Hackett, Carol Lavoie - Honey Harbour

  • " We have always had the best service from 4EverGreen. Jim has opened and closed our cottage for years and he goes over and above to make sure that everything is perfect. We arrive in the spring knowing that everything is running just as it should be. When we leave in the fall, we know that everything is shut down for the winter perfectly. Jim installed our water filtration system. Each spring he makes sure that the UV light and the water filters are changed when necessary so we can have a worry free summer. When we call Jim with an emergency, his response time is impressive. We highly recommend 4EverGreen! "

    5 Stars
    Denise and Kevin Walker

  • " Jim, thanks again. the water tasted great and my husband was indeed happy to not have to lug gallons of it up the hill- especially since his heart surgery last summer. take care Jean "

    5 Stars
    Jean Boccuti

  • " The team is always there just in time. Very professional attitudes about solving difficult problem on remote sites. Our water supply is absolutely required to work perfectly as we do medical dialysis at home and cottage. Jim and team made sure we had all the proper filtration and piping that is necessary and he has been there on a phone call if needed. He has our full star rating and coming spring/summer we can count on him for sure....we are on an Island and require service by boat...thanks for being there for us....Pat and Ted "

    5 Stars
    Ted and Pat Larson

  • " Just received this exact system on my waterfront year round home. Jim and his team did a very professional installation and a thorough tutorial on the standard operating procedures. We're more than pleased and I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your service. "

    5 Stars
    Mark Tulloch

  • " A safe and dependable cottage water supply is one of our highest priorities. 4EverGreen through its installation of a new system means we have little to worry about. Their work was excellent and was completed as scheduled and matched their quote. Follow-up visits reinforced our very positive purchase experience. "

    5 Stars
    David G. Allen Tabasakwa Island

  • " I called Jim from 4EverGreen to inquire about having a lake filtration system installed at our newly purchased cottage in Muskoka. Jim quickly responded to my request and we arranged for installation the following week. The installation process was seamless and we were enjoying clean filtered lake water that afternoon. We have since had Jim close up the water system at our cottage and look forward to have him maintain our water system for years to come. "

    5 Stars
    Dino DiSanto Lake Joseph, Muskoka