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  • "Jim, thanks again. the water tasted great and my husband was indeed happy to not have to lug gallons of it up the hill- especially since his heart surgery last summer."

    Jean Boccuti

  • "Very pleased with the installation of 4EverGreen water system at my cottage. Jim and staff were very professional and listened to my needs. Everything from estimate to install was done in a timely manner. They even cleaned up all the debris. The closing of the system was efficient. I would certainly recommend this company. Thank you."

    Jocelyn O'Leary

  • "I have used 4EverGreen for the last 3 seasons. As a new cottage owner, I have been able to rely on Jim & his team, who have very helpful and accessible. I would highly recommend 4EverGreen!"

    Tom Loberto

  • "We are very satisfied with the level of service and professional work of Jim and 4EverGreen. They winterize our cottage and bunky, giving us dependable and reliable service when we are not there. His knowledge and experience is greatly valued and we rely on him tremendously. Thanks again for the great service."

    Michael A. Szwez

  • "I have been using 4EverGreen to take care of the water system at my cottage on Georgian Bay since it was built. Jim and his team have been reliable and professional and extremely responsive. Even coming out to the island on short notice on a long weekend when I had a problem. Great service! And reasonably priced."

    Rick Balaz. Cognashene.

  • "Our family has used 4EverGreen for over fifteen years and have always been impressed with their product knowledge, reasonable pricing and superior customer service. I would highly recommend 4EverGreen for any water system needs."

    Bill & Deborah Blumentrath, Port Severn, Ont

  • "4EverGreen makes opening and closing of our cottage a dream. Great reliable and trustworthy service. A pleasure to deal with! "

    Deanna Wittich

  • "I have used 4EverGreen for over five years and I have always found their products, their workmanship and customer service to be top notch. Their custom approach to every unique situation always results in a professional solution at a cost-effective price. And the whole team works hard, with courteous and friendly service. I highly recommend Jim and his team at 4EverGreen!"

    Lorne Cameron Property Manager, Georgian Bay

  • "Jim, we were very pleased with the service you provided to our island. The water system that you installed has met all of our expectations and you did all that you committed. We would recommend your company to others particularly those who need service in unique locations"

    Robert Woodworth, Port Severn

  • "We value Jim and his company as excellent service providers: providing honest, dependable service of high quaility. He commissions in the spring and winterizes our water systems in the autumn, every year. We had no water one Sunday afternoon, and as soon as we reported our situation to Jim, our water system was fixed a few hours later."

    Lillian Veri

  • "We are very happy with the water system that we use at our cottage that is maintained by 4EverGreen, Jim has been very helpfull with suggesting changes to help save us money and maintenance too!"

    Minto Schneider

  • "No more water hauling. Jim's water system has worked flawlessly, is easy to maintain (just a lamp and filters) and is straight forward enough that we can shut it down in the fall ourselves. It's one of those improvements that afterwards has you asking yourself, what the heck were you thinking not doing it sooner."

    Geoff Barker

  • "We want to thank Jim and his 4EverGreen team for such reliable service over the past few years at our cottage. We appreciate very much his prompt service to any unexpected requests we've had, and we have always enjoyed fine water service each summer. We trust him to suggest the best solutions for our particular situation! Thanks again, Jim, for everything!"

    Anne Waterman

  • "Jim Garland of 4EverGreen has been providing excellent and courteous service and safe drkinking water to our family's cottages for over 7 years. Most importantly, I can depend on Jim. My time at the cottage is limited so when I call, I generally need him right away and he is there! Besides quality service, 4EverGreen gives us peace of mind. Thanks Jim"

    Debbie Walsh

  • "Jim and his company have opened and closed my cottage for about five years. He provides prompt and reliable service. It is easy to communicate with him using email and response time is fast."

    Catherine Montgomery, Six Mile Lake

  • "4EverGreen has been providing me with my water system services on Minnicog Island for 15 years and has never let me down. Spring installation and fall removal have always met my family's cottaging requirements and schedule. When plumbing emergencies have occurred, Jim has always responded quickly and with a responsible and reliable solution. I would recommend Jim's services to any cottager"

    Paul Jarvis, Cognashene

  • "We value the work ethic and expertise that Jim Garland and his 4EverGreen team share. Jim has been opening and closing our cottage water system for many years and he is reliable, diligent and thorough. He provides excellent service and solutions to our water purification system. He is very prompt if a problem does occur! We highly recommend 4EverGreen...Jim and his team are professional, dependable and very nice guys!!"

    Michele & Brian Metherell

  • "Jim, I know that my water system is well looked after and that you ensure it gets turned off and turned on as needed. Your service is greatly appreciated!"

    Catherine Ambrose

  • "Jim has consistently provided very timely and high quality service for opening and closing our cottage. He is very knowledgeable about the Bay. "

    Katharine Jones

  • "We can speak with authority about Jim and his crew, after several years of consistently excellent service and support. We use our cottage year round and it is critical that we have an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water. We have invested in a sophisticated and relatively expensive lake-source system that mertis expert support, and Jim and his crew provide it. Jim set up a firm schedule of in-lake and in-cottage filter and UV cleaning and replacement that has been completely reliable and effective. His preventative maintenance and recommended upgrades have given us redundancy and almost uninterrupted service through the entire time he has been looking after us. In fact, the only problems we have ever had were of the unforeseeable and unavoidable kind, such as when an exceptionally severe storm damaged our lake intake line: we called and Jim promptly came out and repaired it. Jim has always worked within our schedule; in fact his crew will reliably come to do a service or maintenance even when we are away. When Jim makes a recommendation we don't hesitate to follow it. So, to any future client, we are happy to provide an unequivocal top level reference for the 4EverGreen company."

    Nancy and Arthur Ameis, Waubaushene

  • "We are very grateful for the fantastic job you did installing our water filtration system. Your crew was professional and reliable, and the system has worked great! We also were very pleased with the cottage winterizing. We appreciate all you do for us!"

    Katherine and Jon Lime

  • "This is our 4th season with 4EverGreen in opening and closing our cottage. Each time we have found Jim and his crew to be knowledgeable, reliable and efficient. Our cottage is ready for us when we arrive in the spring and properly winterized for us when we leave in the fall, thanks to Jim's work. We look forward to working with Jim and his team in the future."

    Lori Funston and Stephen Clarke, Honey Harbour

  • "Jim, you've designed an innovative water filter solution, which works exceptionally well. But the real plus from you and your team is your level of customer service. Big or small you are always right there at my cottage, faster than anyone should expect. Awesome"

    Laurent Mareschal

  • "As new cottage owners on an island, we are quite happy with the confident level of service Jim and the 4EverGreen team provide. They went over our system with us from top to bottom so that we could understand the mechanics and the process. Over this frigid winter we had an issue with our water line freezing and Jim provided us with over-the-phone troubleshooting techniques to discover the issue and we were then able to get the system back up and running ourselves.Thank you Jim, for the excellence in customer service you provide."

    Alan & Lee, Port Severn

  • "Jim , it is pleasure dealing with 4EverGreen, being new cottage owners it is comforting to know that our openings and closings are completely taken care of perfectly! Looking forward to your continued service this spring,"

    John & Lynn Hartnell

  • "4EverGreen is a very service oriented business. They respond promptly to requests. Come when they say they will. Do what they say they will do. Truly reliable and a pleasure to do business with"

    Janet Hahn

  • "As new cottage owners, having a reliable, professional support team was critical to our new experience. Jim was referred to us by the previous cottage owners and we have had the most amazing experience since day 1. We call Jim at a moments notice and he is always there for us. His commitment to doing whatever it takes to get us up and running is unrelenting. He has never left us in a bind even when our requests were out of scope with his services. He always delivered. I can't imagine opening/closing our cottage without his services. Jim and his team totally get it. Service is in their DNA."

    Paula Courtney

  • "Jim Garland and his 4EverGreen team have opened and closed my cottage for years--always exactly as requested and on time. I would highly recommend him. His knowledge of cottage systems and his advice is outstanding"

    Dr. Carolyn M Shields

  • "Jim I was so impressed with the level of service you provided when we upgraded our filter system and intake support. Finally we have clean water coming in from the bay now that the intake is safely and securely off the bottom. Thanks again Jim! "

    Ed Mead

  • "I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the services you have provided to us over the years. The safe drinking water system has been a great benefit to our family of six. I cannot imagine lugging large containers of water out to our island property. You have also provided all service related to the water system in a timely and effective manner. Whenever we have a cottage related issue, whether it be water related, opening and closing of our cottage, or anything and everything else you have helped us with, we know that we can totally trust the services that you and your team provide. Our family looks forward to our continued relationship with your excellent business."

    Meredith Orlando

  • "Thanks to Jim and 4EverGreen, we have a reliable, redundant water system that delivers 'perfect' drinking water at any time. He is there whenever we need him whether it's to replace a water line fried by lightning, change filters or whatever else may need doing to keep the water flowing. He has been a great source of practical advice and is really good guy to deal with.Thanks Jim."

    Jonathan Hackett, Carol Lavoie - Honey Harbour

  • "We have used Jim and the 4EverGreen crew for our cottage open and closing service since 2008 when we built our cottage. Having a knowledgeable and dependable person gives me and my family the peace of mind knowing that things will be done right the first time so that we can just show up and enjoy. Additionally, Jim keeps an eye on our place when we are not there and makes any necessary adjustments to keep things running smoothly with our water system, In a word, RELIABLE!"

    Pete Terlecky

  • "We have had a cottage on Georgian Bay for 5 years and Jim and the guys at 4EverGreen have been a tremendous support to us. We've had a couple of issues with our water system and they have provided prompt and efficient service even to our water access property and on the weekends. I would highly recommend 4EverGreen to any cottagers. "

    Nelson King

  • "We are very happy to comment on the good service we have always received. Jim Garland and the 4EverGreen crew installed our UV water system and we have been very happy with the service we have received. Jim opens are cottage every spring as well and gets the water system up and running. He is professional and reliable and we would definitely recommend 4EverGreen!."

    Ruth West & John Rebry

  • "My family is very happy with the water filtration system installed by 4EverGreen at our cottage. It is so wonderful not to have to haul bottled water to our location or worry about creating plastic bottle waste! Jim and his crew are always available to help. We are water access only, and 4EverGreen is a reliable service we can count on."

    Michelle Keilhauer

  • "Jim and the 4EverGreen team have been a great help for the last eight seasons helping to open and close our cottage. He provides services in a very timely manner and is capable of many more than I have asked of him - he comes highly recommended!"

    Robert Andreyko - Honey Harbour

  • "Jim and his 4EverGreen team are always there in record time when we need them! We really appreciate all his assistance. We recommnend Jim very highly as having the highest integrity and work ethiic"

    Armin & Annemarie Grigaitis

  • "Jim Garland and 4EverGreen have serviced our cottage property for a number of seasons. They have proven to be reliable and professional throughout our dealings. Whenever we called for emergency service or advice they responded quickly and provided the appropriate solutions or guidance. We highly recommend Jim Garland and 4EverGreen."

    Chris Bielecki

  • "We have always have very prompt and reliable service from the guys at 4EverGreen here at Nautilus Marina"

    Stephen Denington Nautilus Marina

  • "Confidence in getting water into our cottage and its treatment has been so important for us at our old but beautiful place. The equipment and service we've received from Jim and his 4EverGreen crew has been excellent over the years. Jim has always been cheerfully available to respond to questions or issues when they arise"

    Dan Schneider

  • "It's professionals like Jim and his 4EverGreen crew that make our cottage experience seamless and enjoyable year after year."

    Rob and Michelle Krizmanich

  • "It is not often one is wowed by customer service but Jim of 4EverGreen did it for me. 4 PM Christmas Eve and no water pressure! Jim found a leak in the lake and solved my problem just as it got dark. For this I will be forever thankful. Vince"

    Vince Santoro

  • "Jim and his 4EverGreen crew installed a whole house UV systems at our Cognashene water access cottage and since then, no problems and no worries. The water quality and pressure have been great. No more hauling drinking water from the city. Jim's system maintenance has been responsive, reliable and dependable. First class"

    John Harild

  • "Jim and his 4EverGreen crew have provided us with exceptional service and always seem to go beyond what's asked. I would recommend Jim (4EverGreen) to anyone looking for cottage water service."

    Steve Geraedts & Martha Davidson, Arthur Island

  • "Jim is prompt, reliable dependable, and finishes things very well. We trust his judgement in everything he undertakes and he often finds a better way of doing things. We are happy to have found Jim and his 4EverGreen team and happy to recommend them "

    Jeff Wyndowe, Honey Harbour

  • "My wife and are very pleased with Jim and his 4EverGreen team. They are reliable and do excellent work. In the Spring each year, they put in our water. In the Fall they carefully drain everything, and winterize the system.They are efficient and make the whole process very easy. I would give 4EverGreen my strongest recommendation."

    Tom Fry, Big Chute

  • "Jim and the 4EverGreen crew. - I can't thank you enough for helping me! When I called, you put me at ease immediately and because we had no water you put us on a priority call. You promised to be there the next day at 11 am and you were. You replaced our system quickly efficiently and at a very reasonable price. Jim, you and your company are the best! Please know that I couldn't be more satisfied - i highly recommend 4EverGreen."

    Yo Sunnerton, Go Home Lake

  • "We have always had the best service from 4EverGreen. Jim has opened and closed our cottage for years and he goes over and above to make sure that everything is perfect. We arrive in the spring knowing that everything is running just as it should be. When we leave in the fall, we know that everything is shut down for the winter perfectly. Jim installed our water filtration system. Each spring he makes sure that the UV light and the water filters are changed when necessary so we can have a worry free summer. When we call Jim with an emergency, his response time is impressive. We highly recommend 4EverGreen!"

    Denise and Kevin Walker

  • "We used Jim and his 4EverGreen company for many years both at our family cottage and our more recently bought personal cottage. He supplies very prompt service and very friendly. I recommend him highly."

    Peggy Schneider, Gareth Jones

  • "Jim Garland and 4EverGreen have provided our extended family with exceptional service for over ten years. Honest and professional, our Georgian Bay Island clan know we can always rely on Jim."

    Alex Russel

  • "4EverGreen installed our water system more than 10 years ago. As a new cottager to the Bay, the advice on the "right" method was invaluable. Jim is very reliable, and if you have an emergency, he will be there. I highly recommend 4EverGreen"

    Tim and Shelley Topornicki

  • "We've used Jim and his team to open and close our cottage in Honey Harbour for the past 2 years and each time the process was extremely easy, professional, and very well done. I highly recommend using 4EverGreen for your cottage jobs, you won't be disappointed!"

    Mark Dennison

  • "Jim Garland and his crew at 4EverGreen have been taking care of the water system at our cottage for several years. I highly recommend them for any and all needs one would have with respect to opening, closing, water purification, etc. They have been extremely professional, respond promptly to our needs, are very reasonably priced, and their work is of the highest quality."

    Eric and Joan VanGorder Little Beausoleil Island

  • "Jim Garland and his team at 4EverGreen have worked on our cottage for over 10 years. Jim is a true professional. We have been extremely happy with the work and service they have provided. He is prompt, trustworthy and very capable. It's often difficult to find good people. We are very fortunate to have Jim and his team. "

    Mike and Andrea Mather

  • "Our family trusts Jim Garland and the 4EverGreen Team with our entire water needs, from installation of our new system all the way through to seasonal maintenance. You won't find better on the Bay! "

    Jody Colero

  • "I have been doing business with Jim and the 4EverGreen team for 15 years, his service and products have been outstanding. I would highly recommend"

    Michael Lawrance

  • "We have been with 4EverGreen (Jim Garland) since 2004. He sure has been at our beck and call, even on a long weekend when we had a problem. He was right there for us. He put in a new system a couple years ago and worked on it until it was perfect. We would recommend 4EverGreen to everyone"

    Pete and Anne Cockburn

  • "I had my 4EverGreen water system installed two years ago and we are very pleased the with quality of the water and the after sale service that we have received from Jim and his team. I would highly recommend!"

    Dave Bloch

  • "I have been dealing with Jim Garland and his company, 4EverGreen, for over ten years. They open and close my cottage and keep my water system working properly. The Service is excellent and fairly priced. They say what they will do and when they will do it, and they do exactly that. If any problems develop, a call to Jim quickly solves the problem."

    Joe Mitchell

  • "Jim Garland and the 4EverGreen Water Systems receive a 5 star rating from me. The water system is spectacular and Jim and his team are always pleasant, prompt and available when disaster strikes (i.e. frozen water line....pump dies.) They also provide a great maintenance service, so I know that my filters and UV light are always up to date. Congratulations on a job well done "

    Ginny and Brett Dunlop

  • "Jim and his team at 4EverGreen are terrific. Their dedication to customer service is top notch. They always go above and beyond. Our property is seasonal, and it is a real comfort knowing that Jim and his team are taking care of our needs every year even when we aren?t around."

    Tina Woodside

  • "For many years I have been spending the first cold day of cottage opening and the last cold day of cottage closing dealing with the organization of running water. For the last few years I have let Jim and the 4EverGreen Team have all that fun. They do terrific work and their pricing is fair and reasonable. I arrive in early spring with the water running and leave in the fall knowing that the system will be taken care of. Over that same many years I have hauled hundreds, many hundreds, of 19 litre jugs of fresh drinking water to the cottage. Now 4EverGreen has installed a system that produces fabulous, safe, drinking water. No more hauling water. 4EverGreen is above reproach when it comes to integrity. I am delighted to see many of my neighbours feel the same way about 4EverGreen service."

    Bill Kinnear

  • "We had the opportunity to have Jim work on some of our water problems last year...he provided solutions that were easy and cost effective, the installations were done on time and on budget, his staff were professional and courteous. We will be using him again this year!!"

    Toby and Jean Nash, Georgian Bay

  • "Jim and his team are both a service and customer oriented business. We have used him for many years,at both the family cottage and now our own, he is efficient, and reliable with all his business interactions with us"

    Sandy and Peter Patel-Schneider

  • "The team is always there just in time. Very professional attitudes about solving difficult problem on remote sites. Our water supply is absolutely required to work perfectly as we do medical dialysis at home and cottage. Jim and team made sure we had all the proper filtration and piping that is necessary and he has been there on a phone call if needed. He has our full star rating and coming spring/summer we can count on him for sure....we are on an Island and require service by boat...thanks for being there for us....Pat and Ted"

    Ted and Pat Larson

  • "We inherited Jim's name from the previous owners of our Island Paradise. Our insurance company was familiar with his company's approach, and endorsed our intention to continue the relationship. That relationship has been trouble free,and easy. Michele and I look forward to many happy years to come at the cottage. Jim helps make the time trouble and care free.Grant and Michele."

    Grant and Michele

  • "As new island cottage owners, we recognize that it is vital to have a reliable contact to open and close the water system, and Jim has proven to be just that. He offered reasonable suggestions to maintain and improve our system. Connecting with 4EverGreen has been seamless through email or text, and Jim responds in a very timely manner. These are qualities we value, and we have been very happy to have made the connection to Jim Garland and 4EverGreen"

    Ian and Terry Wilson

  • "4Evergreen gave us great service, installing an in-lake pumped drinking water supply. Jim and his team came exactly when they said they would and installed to plan, though being flexible enough to take account of slightly shallower water depth than anticipated."

    David G. Allen Tabasakwa Island

  • "Jim has maintained the water system at our cottage for ten years. We are extremely pleased with the service provided by Jim and his crew. We appreciate, in particular, their responsiveness ? whenever we need help, Jim will respond quickly, and come by as soon possible to fix the problem. Jim and his crew also do dock work for us and we are equally pleased with their service in this area. Thank you Jim."

    Paul and Marianne Larson

  • "Want to thank you for the work you and your team did for us this past spring. A new submersible pump that works well beyond our expectations. As well a new Hot water heater, and sewage pump. We were impressed by how quick you got the work done, and the quality of the workmanship. Good luck for the 2018 season. "

    Jim & Pat Tucker Portage Island

  • "Recently we purchased a new cottage in Honey Harbour and the water system was slightly more complicated then our existing place. 4EverGreen was recommended to us by the previous owners. Jim has been very reliable and most importantly flexible to our needs. We would certainly recommend him to fellow cottages"

    Tom Bowman

  • "Jim and his team provide outstanding service. They?ve always been available to quickly and effectively deal with any water related issues we've had. They've helped us with everything from small fixes on a long weekend (when you need help the most) to much bigger projects. Highly recommend 4EverGreen!"

    Eric Frape Pailisade Bay

  • "You service is fast and excellent. Your equipment works as advertised. Thank you"

    Ted Joyce Honey Harbour

  • "I called Jim from 4EverGreen to inquire about having a lake filtration system installed at our newly purchased cottage in Muskoka. Jim quickly responded to my request and we arranged for installation the following week. The installation process was seamless and we were enjoying clean filtered lake water that afternoon. We have since had Jim close up the water system at our cottage and look forward to have him maintain our water system for years to come"

    Dino DiSanto Lake Joseph, Muskoka

  • "The pump you installed for us is working better than expected! We notice that the water is cleaner than it has been. The new pump location that you selected is easier to monitor. All in all we are very happy with the results."

    John Wypich

  • "We had a great experience with 4EverGreen. They designed, installed, and continue to monitor and seasonally tune up the system. On an Island, service is not always good, but Jim and his crew are very responsive and professional. We now have years of trouble free, quality water for all or our needs at the cottage"

    Michael and Tracie Fitzgerald Cognashene

  • "Having a cottage on an island can be challenging when it comes to getting the right service, at the right time. Jim and the staff at 4EverGreen are fast, reliable, and offer a quality service for our water system."

    David McClean

  • "We started working with Jim and his 4EverGreen team a couple years ago, and were relieved to find a local contractor who is an effective communicator, extremely fair, and very reliable in both routine and emergency scenarios"

    Adam Law

  • "I have been very pleased with the service that we've received from Jim Garland and 4EverGreen Water Systems over the past 5 years. He goes the extra mile when it comes to looking after things and is always available to answer questions"

    Jeff Mahon

  • "We feel very fortunate to have contacted 4EverGreen Water Services when we recently experienced severe water problems. Jim Garland, Ryan and Joel went above and beyond our expectations. They were diligent, knowledgeable, respectful and determined to fix the problems. They would not give up until we were 100% satisfied. We fully recommend 4EverGreen. Thank you for your help, concern for our safety and a job well done"

    Shari and David

  • "We have used Jim and his staff the last few seasons to open and close the water at our cottage, and have been very pleased with the service and professionalism of Jim and his staff. We will continue to trust Jim to take care of the drinking water at our cottage."

    Erin & Jay Scott

  • "Jim always delivered what was promised. We trusted him with all of our water related work at our cottage. He also checked on the cottage for us when we couldn't. Would definitely recommend"

    Cindy Li

  • "Just received this exact system on my waterfront year round home. Jim and his team did a very professional installation and a thorough tutorial on the standard operating procedures. We're more than pleased and I highly recommend this company. Thank you for your service."

    Mark Tulloch

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