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Ultimate Cottage Intake Filter System

Unlimited Filtered Water, Stays in the Lake YEAR ROUND
Only $1199 plus install $449

An Ideal way to SIMPLIFY your cottage water system and make it more reliable.  install it and forget it. Never needs service! No Bags or filters to change (pays for itself). Doubles as a pump stand and comes complete with steel frame.


    Intake Filter

    4EverGreen "ULTIMATE INTAKE FILTER SYSTEM" is IDEAL for JET PUMP or SUBMERSIBLE PUMP, Provides UNLIMITED filtered water. STAYS in the lake YEAR ROUND.. NEVER needs service. Our very first system was built & installed back in 2004.  15 + YEARS of SERVICE & COUNTING. INSTALL it and FORGET it!  ORDER TODAY.. have UNLIMITED filtered water by the weekend. Cottage Water Simplified.

    Jet Pump or Submersible Pump

    Our Ultimate Cottage Intake Filter System can be used with a JET PUMP or SUBMERSIBLE PUMP.  Provides UNLIMITED filtered water. Stays in the lake YEAR ROUND. NEVER NEEDS SERVICE, INSTALL it and FORGET it! You may purchase your system with a submersible pump installed or retrofit later. Cottage Water Simplified!

    Delivery & Installation

    We offer delivery, assembly and installation to clients throughout Georgian Bay Ontario, Kawartha Lakes, Muskoka Region and Simcoe County. We also ship or deliver to a variety of locations across Ontario. Please inquire for delivery costs and availability for easy self assembly and installation throughout...

  • Lake Simcoe
  • Georgian Bay Area
  • Muslokas
  • Kawartha Lakes

  • Plumbers Choice

    If you are a plumber or contractor working on a cottage project we would love to support and supply you with our incredible water filtration system for your next cottage project! Provide your customers with the ultimate in water filtration and have the confidence that the product you are installing will last them a lifetime!

    Looking for SAVINGS? Ask about our DIY/ contractor cash & carry specials!

    Cottage Water... Simplified

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