The 4EverGreen story began in Honey Harbour, more than 25 years ago!

I am proud to say, the majority of 4EverGreen customers over the years are long term repeat clients. We never forget our humble beginnings and that its really all about providing true value, top quality water systems and reliable consistent service. We go above and beyond for all of our customers who year after year rely on us to take care of their special place. We know how much our customers count on us to do a great job. Its a great feeling knowing what we do allows our customers to get maximum enjoyment "every time" they visit their cottage! The constant and regular feedback we get on the job well done makes it all worthwhile. I can honestly say it is a tremendous pleasure when a family tells me they had another great weekend at their cottage... and I know we had a big part in that weekend going so well! Consistently over the years our greatest source of new business is referrals from our many happy customers!     (please see our customer comments) If you love spending time at your cottage and have ANY questions about cottage water systems.. please feel free to give me a call... 705.321.5566 I look forward to speaking with you!

Cottage water simplified.. its what we do.

  • " For many years I have been spending the first cold day of cottage opening and the last cold day of cottage closing dealing with the organization of running water. For the last few years I have let Jim and the 4EverGreen Team have all that fun. They do terrific work and their pricing is fair and reasonable. I arrive in early spring with the water running and leave in the fall knowing that the system will be taken care of. Over that same many years I have hauled hundreds, many hundreds, of 19 litre jugs of fresh drinking water to the cottage. Now 4EverGreen has installed a system that produces fabulous, safe, drinking water. No more hauling water. 4EverGreen is above reproach when it comes to integrity. I am delighted to see many of my neighbours feel the same way about 4EverGreen service. "

    5 Stars
    Bill Kinnear

  • " Jim, thanks again. the water tasted great and my husband was indeed happy to not have to lug gallons of it up the hill- especially since his heart surgery last summer. take care Jean "

    5 Stars
    Jean Boccuti

  • " I have been very pleased with the service that we?ve received from Jim Garland and 4EverGreen Water Systems over the past 5 years. He goes the extra mile when it comes to looking after things and is always available to answer questions. "

    5 Stars
    Jeff Mahon

  • " We have always had the best service from 4EverGreen. Jim has opened and closed our cottage for years and he goes over and above to make sure that everything is perfect. We arrive in the spring knowing that everything is running just as it should be. When we leave in the fall, we know that everything is shut down for the winter perfectly. Jim installed our water filtration system. Each spring he makes sure that the UV light and the water filters are changed when necessary so we can have a worry free summer. When we call Jim with an emergency, his response time is impressive. We highly recommend 4EverGreen! "

    5 Stars
    Denise and Kevin Walker