Dealer inquiries invited
Dealer inquiries invited
Why struggle lugging bottled water? ... have UNLIMITED SAFE tap water.

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Government recommends UV systems

*Norwalk affects millions annually

  • " No more water hauling. Jim's water system has worked flawlessly, is easy to maintain (just a lamp and filters) and is straight forward enough that we can shut it down in the fall ourselves. It's one of those improvements that afterwards has you asking yourself, what the heck were you thinking not doing it sooner. "

    5 Stars
    Geoff Barker

  • " Jim , it is pleasure dealing with 4EverGreen, being new cottage owners it is comforting to know that our openings and closings are completely taken care of perfectly?Looking forward to your continued service this spring, "

    5 Stars
    John & Lynn Hartnell

  • " We value the work ethic and expertise that Jim Garland and his 4EverGreen team share. Jim has been opening and closing our cottage water system for many years and he is reliable, diligent and thorough. He provides excellent service and solutions to our water purification system. He is very prompt if a problem does occur! The team also provides excellent service on various cottage repairs and maintenance. We highly recommend 4EverGreen...Jim and his team are professional, dependable and very nice guys!! "

    5 Stars
    Michele & Brian Metherell

  • " Jim and his 4EverGreen crew installed a whole house UV systems at our Cognashene water access cottage and since then, no problems and no worries. The water quality and pressure have been great. No more hauling drinking water from the city. Jim's system maintenance has been responsive, reliable and dependable. First class! "

    5 Stars
    John Harild